Optimizing subroutines in assembly language in PDF

The present manual explains how to combine assembly code with a high level programming language and how to optimize CPU-intensive code for speed by using assembly code.

This manual is intended for advanced assembly programmers and compiler makers. It is assumed that the reader has a good understanding of assembly language and some experience with assembly coding. Beginners are advised to seek information elsewhere and get some programming experience before trying the optimization techniques described here. I can recommend the various introductions, tutorials, discussion forums and newsgroups on the Internet (see links from www.agner.org/optimize) and the book "Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture" by R. C. Detmer, 2. ed. 2006. The present manual covers all platforms that use the x86 and x86-64 instruction set.

This instruction set is used by most microprocessors from Intel, AMD and VIA. Operating systems that can use this instruction set include DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD/Open BSD, and Intel-based Mac OS. The manual covers the newest microprocessors and the newest instruction sets. See manual 3 and 4 for details about individual microprocessor models.

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